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Less muscle strain fin reviews

  • Snorkeling, open water & surf swimming fins

    Corin loves her shinfinTM fins for snorkeling, open water swimming and surf swimming. Unlike regular flippers, she can walk into the surf and they don’t hurt, rub or strain her feet and muscles. Before trying them, she thought the fins might drag on the upward kicks. However, the fins actually minimise drag, as they are designed to flex away from her legs on the upward kicks. Furthermore, they give her extra power from her hips on the upward kicks, in addition to hip powered downward kicks.

    Corin’s review from Sydney, Australia

    “I got back from my trip on Friday and just wanted to let you know I LOVE my shinfinTM fins! I used them everywhere! Sadly I was unable to scuba while away but I did do a lot of snorkeling! And I received many questions and comments on them from fellow travellers and guides alike! So I’ve referred them all to your website.”

  • Swimming with tumble turns & aqua aerobics fins

    Loving her shinfinTM fins, usually daily, for nine years and more, Gillian uses them for pool swimming with tumble turns and a tougher aqua aerobics workout too. It only took her a short while to become comfortable swimming, doing tumble turns and adjusting her fins without much strength in her hands. She “motors down the pool” with great swimming style doing freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke arms with butterfly legs. The fins guide her into a streamlined kicking technique from her hips. This review shows Gillian’s progression with her fins over her first few days and then at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 2 years, 5 years and 9 years. shinfinTM fins are strong and long-lasting!

    Gillian’s review from Blakeview, Australia

    “I found them terrific for backstroke. Wow! I swim from the hips anyway, so had no problems adjusting to this type of swimming. Foot flippers always made my shins, ankles and knees ache. My program consists of 50m freestyle, 50m reverse fly kick, 50m fly with breaststroke arms, 50m backstroke, repeated until I run out of time. Generally between 1000m and 1600m. I feel as though I am “motoring” down the pool. I can now do tumble turns at both ends of the pool. Using them to keep me mobile. Love the fins. I’ve shown them to a lot of people at the pool, usually the older generation, like me. I’m happy that my fins have outlasted five pairs of foot flippers. Two years of discomfort before foot flippers snap across the middle!”

  • No muscle, ankle or heel pain: body surfing fins

    Body surfing with shinfinTM fins, Michael avoids the muscle pain, sore ankles and raw heels that he gets with traditional foot fins. What’s more, these issues can be dangerous. So shinfinTM fins give him a comfortable and safe way to body surf. In fact, he likes them so much that he then bought three pairs for his grandchildren!

    Michael’s review from Juneau, USA

    Now that I’m older, I need a better (correct if you will) way to boost my ability to catch waves using my leg muscles. I’m most fortunate that I have my shinfinTM fins. They provide a comfortable and safe way to use these aging muscles. No more painful muscle cramps and bruises. You have my gratitude. My old Voit fins just about killed me with sore ankles and raw heels.”

  • Less muscle & ankle strain: bodyboarding fins

    Bodyboarding with shinfinTM fins gives Wendy less lower leg muscle fatigue and less ankle strain than any foot fins she has ever used. From her occupational therapist viewpoint, she understands and feels these therapeutic biomechanical advantages.

    Wendy’s review from San Francisco, USA

    “Overall, I LOVE them! Really takes the strain off your ankles for kicking power. I feel far less lower extremity fatigue and strain when I use them. I still think shinfinTM fins superior to any fins I have ever used.”

  • Fin training without muscle strain in legs & feet

    Brock uses shinfinTM fins for his swimming fitness pool training to avoid straining the smaller muscles of his legs and feet, a problem he gets with traditional fins. Training the large muscles in his thighs and torso, avoids calf muscle strain, ankle strain and foot muscle strain. They also reduce dependence on his upper body. Increased leg power leaves his arms free for other things, such as military uses.

    Brock’s review from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

    “It took me a few times swimming with them before I got comfortable, but I do like them.”