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Weight loss fin reviews

  • Weight loss rehabilitation fins: below knee amputee

    Tim swims freestyle with shinfinTM fins for rehabilitation and weight loss, to get the best workout to recover his fitness, following his below knee amputation. His fins have helped him lose a tremendous amount of weight. They have improved his hip abduction too. This is because his strong, lightweight shinfinTM fins are powered from his hips, using the stronger muscles in his thighs, buttocks and torso.

    Tim’s review from Rifle, USA

    “Over the past year, I have been swimming a lot for rehabilitation after having a BK (below knee) amputation on my right leg. I am swimming four miles a week at a recreation center here in Colorado. This regimen is the best way to get back in shape for an amputee! I have lost a tremendous amount of weight swimming. And the shinfinTM fins help with hip abduction as well! I am currently swimming freestyle. Thanks again, and I will stay in touch.”

  • Below knee amputee triathlon training fins

    Andy, a below knee amputee who does triathlon swim training four times a week and is losing weight, finds his shinfinTM fins work really well. With one fin comfortable and secure on his stump and the other fin on his other leg, he finds moving around the pool much easier than with a conventional fin. He feels shinfinTM fins give him real propulsion from both legs, lifting his back end to make him more streamlined and faster. He also feels the fins encourage him to kick naturally from his hips using the stronger muscles in his stomach. What’s more, the fins help him swim much faster with a kickboard too.

    Andy’s review from Carnwath, UK

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis & Lupus: mobility fins

    shinfinTM fins give Sharman mobility benefits for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus issues with her hip, because they enable her to swim smoothly. They increase her mobility, help her stay agile and also assist with weight loss.

    Sharman’s review from Kensington, USA

    “I love my fins. Actually notice the difference with my leg and hip. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus type issues with my hip. Swimming is what I do to stay agile and to increase and maintain my mobility as well as weight. I still glided through the water like a mermaid! Great product and I own it!”

  • Bilateral below knee amputee: exercise & weight loss fins

    Pegleg Jack, a bilateral below knee amputee, has been very happy swimming with his shinfinTM fins for many years, for exercise and weight loss.

    Pegleg Jack’s review from Jacksonville, USA

    “Being a bilateral bka, it sure has increased my level of exercise and I am loosing the weight that I need to. I am just glad that I found your wonderful product, that has helped me in many ways.” And 5 years later: “They are the greatest thing that I have found so far for swimming.”

  • Muscle workout & weight loss: lap swimming fins

    Graham gets a good muscle workout and a satisfying weight loss from his lap swimming with shinfinTM fins. What’s more, they help him to swim faster and further.

    Graham’s review from Renmark, Australia

    “I am delighted with the results. I was particularly interested to get a good workout of the muscles that you describe and with the fins I certainly do. The weight loss is satisfying too. I am enjoying the speed and ease of swimming.”