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Less bunion pain fin reviews

  • Comfortable fit with hammertoes & bunions: snorkeling fins

    shinfinTM fins fit Catherine comfortably and allow her to snorkel again, even though she has severe hammertoes and bunions on her feet. They minimise foot pain because they attach above her ankles and leave her feet free. Furthermore, they are adjustable to different heights and angles on her legs. So they also relax her ankles and feet. In contrast, Catherine finds fitting regular foot fins impossible.

    Catherine’s review from Los Angeles, USA

    “Thank you so much for your invention. I have severe hammertoes and bunions, and finding fins that fit was impossible. Last year when I tried snorkeling in Hawaii, I was so frustrated because I could not find fins that I could wear. Now, thanks to discovering the shinfinTM fins, I am able to snorkel 🤿 and not feel bad being left out. I can’t thank you enough for helping improve my quality of life.”

  • Less arm paddling: kneeboarding & surfing fins

    Mike uses shinfinTM fins to paddle less with his arms when kneeboarding and stand-up surfing. This is especially important for Mike’s rotator cuff shoulder problem and for other arm and shoulder injuries. Also, they don’t aggravate a bunion on Mike’s toe, unlike regular fins.

    Mike’s review from Bend, Oregon, USA

    “Cheers, they work good.”