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Buy fins online or by phone in AUD

Buy fins online or by phone

You can buy your shinfin™ fins online or by phone. Pay with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and most other international credit/debit cards. You can also pay by AUD bank transfer, cheque & money order.

Your payment is in Australian Dollars (AUD)

  • Shinfin Pty. Ltd. is an Australian Company based in Sydney.
  • Your payment is your AUD cart total.
  • Your credit card company or PayPay will convert this to your currency.

Other display currencies are only estimates

  • You can switch the website to other display currencies for your convenience.
  • Display currencies other than AUD are only estimates.
  • Display currency exchange rates are updated hourly using http://openexchangerates.org/
  • Your payment amount to us is still your AUD cart total.

Buy fins online with MasterCard, Visa & PayPal

For most customers, it is easiest to buy fins online with MasterCard, Visa or PayPal. Our website payment process is encrypted and secure. Your credit card details are encrypted in your own computer and then sent from your computer direct to the credit card payment processing system.

Your credit card company or PayPal, will:

  • pay your AUD cart total to Shinfin Pty. Ltd.;
  • show your AUD payment in your next statement;
  • use their exchange rates to convert your AUD payment to your currency;
  • possibly add their small commission (perhaps 1-2%).

Buy fins by phone with MasterCard & Visa

You can also buy fins by phone and pay with MasterCard or Visa.

  • From within Australia please call (02) 9029 4044.
  • From outside Australia please call Intl +61 2 9029 4044.
  • You can give all order details and credit card details by phone.
  • Or you can buy fins online but select to pay later by phone, and then phone with your credit card details.

Buy fins online with AUD bank transfer

You can buy fins online and select to pay by bank transfer at the end. That enters your order into our system and tells you our bank account details, which are:
Shinfin Pty. Ltd. Account 062 140 10446149 (the BSB is the first 6 digits)
Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Chatswood NSW Branch, Australia

Please include your name and order number on your bank transfer. When we receive your bank transfer we will ship your fins promptly. For bank transfers from overseas, please instruct your bank to make sure that the full Australian Dollar total on your order is received into our account. They may tell you to increase your payment slightly to cover your bank transfer fees. These fees depend on the way your bank transfers the money – we have no control over this.

Buy fins online with AUD cheque & money order

You can also buy fins online and select to pay by cheque or money order at the end. That enters your order into our system.
Please make your AUD cheque or AUD money order payable to Shinfin Pty. Ltd. and post to:
Shinfin Pty. Ltd.
1 North Arm Road
Middle Cove
NSW 2068

Please email me when you have posted your cheque or money order. When we receive your payment we will dispatch your fins promptly.

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