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Discount fins & seconds

Volume discount shinfin™ fins give you more value for money. Factory seconds fins are sometimes available too.

Quality at fair price – not just cheap flippers

shinfin™ fins are made from high quality engineering grade polyurethane. This gives excellent flex rebound, top performance and toughness for a long life.

This polyurethane is many times the price of the cheap rubbers and plastics used for foot flippers. So shinfin™ fins can be a bit more expensive than some foot flippers to get this quality.

Please remember that the one size does fit people from about age 8 upwards (with and without a wetsuit). So people can share them. And children don’t grow out of them. Also, their top quality materials mean they will perform well for many years. So all these benefits can save you a lot of money.

Volume discount fins

We automatically discount your shinfin™ fins and spare straps, as you add multiple pairs to your shopping cart. Also, the delivery charges per pair also work out less. So that gives you more savings.

  • 2 pairs are 5% off.
  • 3 or more pairs are 10% off.
  • For boxes of 12 pairs and more, please email me for details. I can set you up with a special club/distributor login to buy fins. We generally supply in boxes of 12 pairs of fins, but your first order can be smaller.

Seconds sometimes available

We sometimes have seconds shinfin™ fins for sale on the website. If they are not shown, you can email to go on the waiting list for seconds. Seconds are exactly the same design and materials. Seconds are structurally sound and work fine, without affecting swimming performance. They just have some visual colour and/or moulding defects. We usually sell seconds at 22% discount off the normal fin cost.

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