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Shop Help | Problems Ordering Fins

How to overcome occasional online ordering problems. Declined cards. Network issues.

Problems Ordering Fins: declined cards, network issues

This website has a very high availability and security for your online payments. Fin ordering problems due to this actual website are very uncommon. Fin ordering problems are more likely to be due to general internet network connections and specific credit/debit card issues.

My credit/debit card was declined

I’m sorry your card was declined by your card company. We aren’t told any more about the reason your card was declined. We never see your credit card details. This is to ensure your security and privacy. Sometimes people reach their credit limit without realising. Sometimes people mistype some details. Please reorder to try again, perhaps with another card. Please remember that you must enter the full 16-digit credit/debit card number (no spaces), the 3 or 4 digit security code, the expiry date and your name exactly as it appears on your card.

My credit card has been charged twice

Very occasionally, a customer clicks the payment button twice and receives two payment receipts for an order. We normally detect this and automatically correct it. But please email if it happens to you, as a double-check. We correct it by reversing your second transaction. You will see this on your next credit card statement.

My order didn’t complete

I’m sorry you had problems ordering and thank you for your patience. Most likely it was a temporary failure in the network connections between your computer and our website. Please try ordering again a bit later. If that doesn’t work, please try ordering using another browser on the same computer, or another computer. Or phone us with your order.

My order stops at the shipping calculation

Very occasionally, the Australia Post website which calculates the worldwide shipping charges may go down for a short time for maintenance etc. I’m sorry if this caused you some problems and thank you for your perseverance. Please reorder a bit later and we will send your fins promptly.

Error message “Unknown Zone”

An “Unknown Zone” error message suggests high security browser or firewall settings are blocking your access to our secure payment pages. So you need to adjust these settings in your computer, and them reorder.