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Fin resellers & affiliates

Join our international team

Are you interested in becoming one of our shinfin™ fins resellers or affiliates?

If so, please read below and then email me with your proposition. Do you have your own websites? What markets do you plan to target? What complimentary products to shinfin™ fins do you already distribute (if any)? What geographical region will you target? Please also include any further information you feel is relevant.

Fin resellers

Resellers order shinfin™ fins in boxes of 12 pairs at AU$77 per pair plus delivery. You choose your resale price. I give you a special login on our website to order boxes at these prices. You can pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Fins affiliates

Affiliates refer customers to us for a commission. We give you a unique shinfin™ affiliate link to put on your website(s). When your website visitor clicks your unique shinfin™ affiliate link, they go to our website. Then our website records that your visitor has been referred by you. If your visitor buys shinfin™ fins on our website, we automatically register the sale to your affiliate account for your commission. (If someone prefers to pay you in person, you can order their fins on their behalf.)

So your visitor buys on our website at our website prices. We deliver the fins direct to the customer. We do all the sales handling and customer support direct with the customer. You do not have fin stock.

Your commission is 10% of their purchase price (excluding delivery). So if they buy one pair of fins at AU$99 your commission would be AU$9.90. Your commission can be paid by PayPal, international bank transfer or Australian Dollars cheque, when your commission reaches a certain value.

Join our affiliate program and login here.

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