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Stronger kick balanced position: workout fins

Lorri’s workouts with his shinfinTM fins give him a more balanced body position and a stronger kick from his hips. So this gives him a huge improvement in his fitness swimming workout and he feels the diagonal balance between his arms and legs. Now he can even use hand paddles without a pull buoy. Furthermore, his kick is stronger, even when he takes his fins off. He also uses them for diving and snorkeling in the ocean.

Lorri’s review from Santa Fe, USA

“I can’t say enough good things about them, I will definitely recommend shinfinTM fins to fellow swimmers. Many Thanks, Lorri”

Lorri’s review: Stronger kick workout fins with a balanced body position

“I am really enjoying my fins. I have some difficulty getting them on and off but other than that they are great. Right now I am using them for fitness swimming only but will try them out in the ocean next time I go diving or snorkeling.”

“Did you guys try other kinds of straps at all before going with the rubber ones?”


Many thanks for your feedback on the fins – I’m glad you are really enjoying them. Sorry, the straps aren’t as intuitive as I would like. I did try many other straps and decided on rubber as the best option. The straps need to stretch a bit to cope with the expansion and contraction of your leg muscles. They also need to grip on your leg to stop the fin sliding around your leg. Hard plastic buckles can dig into your leg too. Did the tips in my previous email help?


“Marc, thanks for resending those tips. After rereading them (carefully this time) I realized what I was doing wrong and can get the fins on and off fairly quickly now.”

“The work out I am getting now is a huge improvement. When I take the fins off and swim without them my kick is a lot stronger than it used to be.”

“Also wearing the fins helps my positioning so much that I can use hand paddles without using a pull buoy.”

“I can’t say enough good things about them, I will definitely recommend shinfinTM fins to fellow swimmers.”


I’m glad you are liking them so much. We get a lot of feedback like this. And yes, the fins nicely balance out the arm pull, even when using hand paddles. So you’ve probably noticed the “diagonal balance”, pulling with your right hand whilst you kick down with your left leg etc.

Can I please ask what you were doing wrong with the straps to start with? Accordingly, I’m always keen to improve the tips and website descriptions.


“Feel free to use any of my comments on the website. I definitely notice the diagonal balance you speak about. The problem I was having with the straps was that I wasn’t focusing on just pulling the end of the strap I was tightening. I was making it more complicated than it needed to be. Many thanks, Lorri”


Many thanks for your reply and for your kind permission. Please keep in touch as your fitness swimming progresses. I’d also be interested to hear how you go with the fins in the ocean/snorkeling etc. some day.


shinfinTM fins help you develop a stronger kick from your hips, which lasts even when you swim without them. So they balance your body position in the water, smooth your stroke and improve your fitness workout.