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Enhanced swimming sessions: performance fins

Like many people, Kin Wai feels his shinfinTM fins definitely enhance his swimming session performance. This is because their design gives him a better swimming style and helps him to achieve smoother swimming overall. Furthermore, they encourage performance kicking from his hips, which then transfers to his swim training without fins. In contrast, foot fins, worn on your feet, means they cannot achieve any of this.

Kin Wai’s review from Singapore

“The fins are great! They’ve definitely enhanced my swimming sessions. I took a little while to get used to them, because the straps felt strange. But now that I’m used to them, the fins perform well.”

Kin Wai’s review: Performance fins to enhance swimming sessions


That’s great. We get a lot of feedback like this. It is quite fascinating how the streamlined kick pattern stays with you progressively as you train with shinfinTM fins. And then they strengthen you for the correct kick action.


You can use shinfinTM fins for many water activities but you will particularly feel how they enhance your performance during your swim training sessions. This is because their design achieves smoother swimming overall by encouraging a better swimming style with better performance kicking from your hips. What’s more, these benefits transfer to your swim training without fins.

Here are some reviews showing how shinfinTM fins improve your kick during swim training, work your legs better, and also enhance your stroke, breathing and body position. Furthermore, these other reviews show how they achieve all this whilst giving you more comfortable swimming training sessions. They don’t over-strain your leg and feet muscles, they don’t strain your ankles and they don’t cause calf cramps and back pain,

In contrast, foot fins cannot achieve any of this because of their fundamental nature, worn on your feet.