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Backstroke & freestyle ankle surgery recovery fins

Shannon loves her shinfinTM fins for fast backstroke and freestyle kicking, to help her recover from her recent ankle surgery. Also, they do not aggravate her past knee injury. This is because shinfinTM fins strap to her lower legs just above her ankles, leaving her feet free to move naturally. So, unlike regular foot fins, they avoid the potentially damaging, twisting forces on her ankles and knees. Instead, her ankles can remain comfortable, supple and relaxed as she kicks. She also uses them for water walking exercises.

Shannon’s review from Friday Harbour, USA

“I love my shinfinTM fins!! LOVE! I thought fun, fast kicking was out for me but shinfinTM fins have restored that experience. YAY!!! I’m in my doctor approved third week of post-surgical swimming after ankle surgery. I have to do a lot of backstroke due to other nerve issues affecting freestyle sometimes. Backstroke is great.”

Shannon’s review: Ankle surgery recovery fins: freestyle & backstroke

“I love my shinfinTM fins!! LOVE! I thought fun, fast kicking was out for me but shinfinTM fins have restored that experience. YAY!!!”

“I’m in my doctor approved third week of post-surgical swimming after ankle surgery in January and no kicking since December over a year ago, when I slipped and injured my ankle.”

“I have to do a lot of backstroke due to other nerve issues affecting freestyle sometimes. And you know what…I was a breaststroker. That one went out when I injured my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) after jumping off a sailboat to shore. That kick has never been recoverable even post surgery.”

“Okay, so still kicking somehow at almost age 59. Backstroke is great. I swim with music. Total Flow and that is a lovely, magical thing…”

“It’s been quite a learning curve to master putting on and taking off the shinfinTM fins. Especially the last feed through of the strap to the inner calf and then loosening that after swimming. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong? It feels like it should be easier, quicker, less frustrating. Tips there? I guess I should have watched the video. I just keep going and trying to figure stuff out along the way.”

“Mahalo nui loa and a hui hou!! (Thank you very much and until next time!!) Imua! (Onward!)”


Many thanks for your kind feedback. I’m very glad to hear that you love your shinfin™ fins. It’s great that your fins are helping you recover from your recent ankle surgery. Yes, you can choose what style of kicking you want to do with your fins. They work for faster, shorter kicks through to slower, longer kicks.

Yes, they perform really well for backstroke as well as freestyle and butterfly. If you twist them out on your legs a bit, you can even use them for a breaststroke type of kick. Some people do that, even though they were not really designed for breaststroke.

Can I ask a favour please? Would you mind if I put some extracts from your emails on the website? I like the way you have written and I think it would be useful for other people to read what you have said.

I’m sorry the straps aren’t as intuitive as I’d like but I think I can help you. I designed them to fit a wide range of leg sizes/shapes securely, to stretch with muscle expansion and with no extra buckles/Velcro to hurt, jam or release unexpectedly. The straps usually get easier with practice. Following the tips we sent with the fins and by email, each fin usually takes about 30 seconds to put on, 10 seconds to take off, and 10 seconds to tighten or loosen whilst wearing the fins. Also, did you try the quick-release method at the end of the fin fitting tips? If you still have difficulties after checking through the tips, please let me know what you still find difficult so I can help you better.


“Please go ahead and use any of my comments if you found them useful. I will try all the techniques for easing up the buckle release process. Thanks for the tips!”

“I am highly motivated since swimming contributes greatly to my overall well-being and I’m acclimatising to the process of continual modification that can come with injury and age. I just hope to recover from what I can and to manage the rest. Warm regards.”


Thank you for your kind permission. Personal recommendation is very important to help a new product like this along, so I really appreciate it. The shinfin™ word is spreading well thanks to people like you.

It can be hard recovering from ankle surgeries and other injuries. Keep up your good progress. Swimming with shinfin™ fins helps lots of people with their recovery and rehabilitation. Please let me know how your recovery progresses and I will do what I can to help you Shannon.


How have you been going with your ankle surgery recovery swimming over the last few weeks? I’d love to hear about your progress please. Any questions just ask. I am here to help you get the best from your fins.

Shannon (2 months later)

Swimming seems to be going great as long as I mostly stick to backstroke these days. That’s saying a lot from someone who never excelled at that stroke and mostly did others.

I’ve even taken up water walking with them, when my one shoulder with issues acts up.

So, thank you.


Great to hear you are still finding the fins super and you are also using them for water walking. We have many other customers benefiting from water walking with them too.


You will love shinfinTM fins for slow to fast kicks for backstroke and freestyle, to help you recover from ankle, knee, hip and back surgeries. This is because shinfinTM fins leave your feet free to move naturally, as they strap to your lower legs just above your ankles. So, they avoid the potentially damaging, twisting forces on your ankles and knees, unlike regular foot fins. Instead, as you kick, shinfinTM fins let your ankles stay supple and comfortable. You can also use them for water walking exercises.

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