Backstroke fin reviews

  • Don’t aggravate Achilles: smooth lap swimming fins

    For about 15 years, shinfinTM fins have allowed Francis to swim laps again, with a smooth swimming style that doesn’t aggravate his Achilles tendons. He finds them fantastic for freestyle and backstroke, feeling them adding strength to his hip areas and the rest of his legs. This is because they give a smooth kick action which is more comfortable. Being lightweight yet very tough, they allow relaxed feet and supple ankles, which takes the strain off his Achilles tendons.

    Francis’ review from Mount Eliza, Australia

    “The shinfinTM fins have been fantastic. Great for swimming smoothly, controlling the fast-paced foot kicking action that aggravated my Achilles. Allowing me to continue lap swimming, something I really want to do! So they have been great, worth every cent!”

    “I have had my shinfinTM fins now for close to 15 years and absolutely love them. Put simply, they allowed me to keep swimming! Ironically, I damaged my Achilles using regular flippers and was told by a doctor that continuing to swim might hurt it again. Especially as I have a sort of flapping action when I kick my feet, whipping them up and down in the kicking action. The shinfinTM fin requires you to kick more from the thigh down, and takes the pressure off the feet. So I swim a reasonably long way, and on a regular basis, without pain. I highly recommend them.”

  • No Achilles pain or calf cramps: swim training fins

    Kate loves using her shinfinTM fins for swim training, even more because they avoid the Achilles pain and calf cramps caused by conventional fins. She enjoys them for full stroke freestyle and backstroke and also for kick exercise drills, with and without a kickboard. They give her many swim training benefits, with comfort too.

    Kate’s review from Perth, Australia

    “I love using them. Overall, I’m really happy with the fins and I get asked about them every time I swim! I use the fins for full stroke freestyle and backstroke. And for drills, with and without a kickboard. I have a chronic Achilles problem and was getting very frustrated with my swim training as conventional fins were out of the question. Just one kick and my calf would cramp up.”

  • After knee replacement: less back & knee pain fins

    shinfinTM fins help Nelly rehabilitate after knee replacement surgery, by strengthening her muscles below her waist, with less knee pain and less back pain. This is because they encourage a streamlined kick with smooth delivery of power from her thighs and torso, with only a little knee-bend. She uses them to swim freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke (back crawl).

    Nelly’s review from Langenselbold, Germany

     “After knee replacement surgery, I would like to strengthen my muscles below the waist, especially the legs, so that I can walk longer and improve my swimming style (front crawl and back crawl). Since the operation, I can no longer do any twisting moves with my left leg when swimming.”

    3 months later. “I am doing well with my fins and they have helped to strengthen the muscles below my waist. I am experiencing less pain in the back and the knees – problem areas up to now. Certainly I can confirm what your other customers have been saying.”

  • Swim technique fins for all ages

    Ralph uses shinfinTM fins to improve the swimming technique of his grandchildren of all ages, for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. The fins encourage them to activate their stronger muscles by kicking from their hips with straighter knees, and build up their stamina and muscle memory.

    Ralph’s review from Delran, USA

    “I have found that shinfinTM fins are a positive alternative to promoting a more anatomical utilization of the muscles for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Just swim freestyle across the pool and feel the fins aid in your leg motions. The fins encourage the muscles of the upper leg, gluteus, lower back and abs to rhythmically move the legs. Presto! That was fun, easy and fast. Your legs do get tired as they react to the exercise and build muscle but it’s more advantageous to practice something technically more correct than perfecting self-defeating inappropriate muscle memory.”

  • Swimming with fins after amputation

    Swimming with shinfinTM fins was one of Bill’s first steps in his return to physical and emotional health, after his above knee amputation. Wearing one fin on his thigh stump and one fin on the shin of his other leg, they give him a natural swim kick with smooth stroke balance. He prefers wearing the fins without his prosthetic leg but they can be worn on a prosthetic leg too. He also notes that they can be worn by below knee amputees (also foot amputees). Bill’s expanded story is Stuff you need to know before or after leg amputation.

    Bill’s review from O’Fallon, USA

    “shinfinTM fins are the perfect choice for amputees because they attach to your legs instead of your feet. This provides many benefits such as a natural swim kick.”