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More comfortable fins

What makes fins more comfortable?

For more comfortable fins, choose fins that strap on your legs, not on your feet. Fins on your legs flex in and out to fit different leg sizes and shapes. They don’t fit on your feet at all. So your foot size doesn’t matter.

Furthermore, fins on your legs have flexible, thin tapered edges for extra comfort. Their wide silicone rubber straps are soft and comfortable, and fully adjustable to fit around your leg. What’s more, the straps stretch and contract comfortably, as your calf muscles expand and contract during your kick.

Here are three key reasons why choosing fins that fit on your legs is more comfortable.

Firstly, fins on legs don’t fit on your feet at all. So they don’t hurt your toes (including bunions and hammertoes) or your feet and arches. In contrast foot fins, even with many sizes, are often a poor fit for our widely variable feet sizes and shapes. So it is hard to find a comfortable pair of foot fins that don’t hurt. Too tight and the pressure hurts. Too loose and they rub and blister your skin, and sometimes fall off. People often try in vain, to make foot fins more comfortable by wearing socks or neoprene wetsuit booties. Or they smear petroleum jelly on their feet where the foot fins rub. Fins on legs don’t have any of these painful problems for your toes, feet and arches.

Secondly, fins on legs leave your ankles, Achilles and calves, supple and flexible. So they don’t hurt your ankles, Achilles tendons or calf muscles. In contrast, foot fins strain your ankles, Achilles and calves by forcing you to point and hold your feet in an unnatural position to kick the foot fins. Fins on legs avoid all these painful problems for your ankles, Achilles tendons and calf muscles.

Thirdly, fins on legs encourage a horizontal streamlined kick which doesn’t hurt your knees and lower back. Less bending and twisting of your knees, means they don’t hurt your knees. Less flexing at your your hips, means they don’t hurt your lower back. In contrast, foot fins require more knee bending which hurts your knees, and more hip bending which hurts your lower back. Fins on legs avoid all these painful problems for your knees and back.

Your toes, feet, arches, ankles, Achilles tendons, calf muscles, knees and lower back will all be much more comfortable with fins on your legs.

More comfortable fins that take care of you

Fins affect your entire leg, from your foot up to your hips and buttocks, and also your back. You can take care of all these important parts of your body, by using fins that encourage a natural streamlined kick from your hips, like a good swimming kick without fins. Instead of using foot fins, you can now achieve all this, and with more comfort, by using fins on your legs.

Fins that give much more than comfort

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