Fins for Legs = Freedom for Feet

Are these the fins you’ve been waiting for?

  • Would you like multi-purpose fins with many benefits?
  • Are you sick of regular foot flippers and looking for something new?
  • Would you like to join thousands of happy customers around the world?

How do they work?

shinfin: up and down kick powershinfin™ leg fins are a natural evolution from foot flippers, to relieve you of their problems. They strap to your legs, so your feet are free. Most importantly, I have designed them for a natural streamlined kick like good swimmers’ freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. (Some customers use them for breaststroke or “frog-kick” but I didn’t specifically design them for this.) They encourage kicking from your hips with only a little knee-bend (foot flippers need much more knee-bend). You will quickly feel their natural action. If you don’t already do a streamlined kick, they will teach you. Natural kick, many benefits, multi-purpose and more fun. Please view the swimmer animation (top of page) with these key points in mind:

  • The straps fit securely just above your ankle.
  • The fin is comfortable and flexible to fit your leg.
  • The fin extends from the middle of your shin down to your toes.
  • Your feet and ankles are free to walk, dive and swim naturally.
  • For down-kick power, the fin curves along the front of your leg.
  • For up-kick power, the fin curves away from your leg.
  • You kick from your hips with only a little knee-bend.
  • Your kick is streamlined like good swimmers kick.
  • You use big muscle power from your thighs and torso.
  • Your body is horizontal to minimise drag.
  • You can use them for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly.
  • This US TV advert shows you the fins being used.

Benefits – Which fin benefits do you need?

You get many exciting new benefits from shinfin™ leg fins that you can’t get from regular foot flippers. You can probably guess some of them. They are highly adjustable to fit you comfortably. They leave your feet and ankles free to walk, dive and swim. They are also very light and tough. Because they connect to your legs, they match and teach the best swimming styles. They encourage power from your hips and an efficient streamlined kick. More on benefits

Uses – What will you use your fins for?

You can use shinfin™ leg fins wherever you might have used regular foot flippers and also in some cases where foot flippers are not suitable. The one shinfin™ design suits all sports (unlike different foot flippers for different sports). Use them in the pool for swim learning, instruction, fitness, technique, training, aqua aerobics and aquatic therapy. Use them in the surf for body surfing, boogie/bodyboarding, kneeboarding, river boarding and surfing. Use them underwater for snorkeling, skin/scuba diving, spear fishing and freediving. Use them to paddle fishing craft and for safety on windsurfers, kiteboards, surf skis, kayaks, jet skis etc. You can even wear shinfin™ leg fins with foot flippers or monofins. More on uses

Disabilities – Will you use your fins with a disability?

You can use shinfin™ leg fins with many disabilities. They work with bunions, club feet, fused ankles and foot amputations. They still fit below knee amputations (BKA) and above knee amputations (AKA). You can even strap them to your arms with below elbow amputations and above elbow amputations. They provide real benefits for many movement disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy (CP), Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s Disease (PD). More on disabilities

Tips - To help you get the best from your fins

shinfin™ leg fins are an exciting new paradigm in fin design and use. To get the best from them, this website has tips areas for care & materials, fin size, fitting your fins, kicking your fins and walking in your fins. More on tips

Shop Help – So you can buy with confidence

I know it can be a hard decision to buy shinfin™ leg fins online (or by phone) without seeing them first. So we offer a 100-day money-back guarantee to help you buy with confidence. Please feel free to try some and see what you think. We get very few returns. The fins and straps are top quality and made in Sydney, Australia. We ship worldwide from Sydney. We have volume discounts and sometimes have factory seconds for sale too. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a reseller or affiliate. More shop help

What’s wrong with foot flippers?

I get so many emails about foot flipper problems. We all know the problems with foot flippers, due to them being on your feet. They often don’t fit properly. They hurt your feet. They stress your ankles, strain your calf muscles and twist your knees too much. They also change your kick to a “bicycle kick” with too much knee-bend. They are too heavy. They fall off and sink. They often break or rot. And they trip you up when you walk. Leave all these problems behind when you switch to shinfin™ leg fins. More on foot flipper problems

My Design Passion – Natural swimming fins

I’m passionate about designing shinfin™ leg fins to match the natural biomechanics of good swimmers. I aim to help all levels of swimmer to improve their swimming technique and fitness, with a proper body position and a natural streamlined kick. This enhances the enjoyment and benefits of swimming and other water sports. I first believed there must be a better alternative to foot flippers around 1990. That was more than 50 fin prototypes ago – it has been a much harder design challenge than I first thought! My passion, together with the kind help from many people, keeps me going.

The result is an exciting new design that I feel genuinely comfortable offering to you. I’ve had very pleasing feedback from many customers around the world, some of which you will see on this website. Good swimmers and swim coaches quickly feel the natural, streamlined kick of shinfin™ leg fins and recognise their benefits. You feel them keeping your body horizontal for less drag. You feel them guiding you to kick from your hips, with only a little knee-bend. You feel the power coming from the big muscles in your upper legs, buttocks, stomach and torso. These are same muscles you use for good “no-fins” swimming. They don’t strain your feet, ankles and calf muscles like foot flippers. You also feel them give you the correct body balance to support your arm stroke. With shinfin™ leg fins, you know your swim training is strengthening your natural kick because your kick feels right. That’s why they also improve your “no-fins” swimming technique (arms too), your stroke efficiency and your speed.

So these biomechanically advanced fins are an evolutionary step up from all foot flippers (including short, training flippers). Beginners, intermediate swimmers and swim teachers also quickly feel how shinfin™ leg fins encourage a horizontal body position with a good streamlined kick. Their natural, rhythmical flex teaches and guides you into the correct streamlined kick. These benefits come naturally, without you needing to think about it too much. Even if you can only swim a little way at first, you will soon find your swimming technique (arms too), swim fitness, breathing, distance and speed much improved by using them. Just relax and let them guide you. They offer you an exciting new way to improve your stroke technique, fitness and your enjoyment of the water.

For other water sports (snorkeling, body surfing, bodyboarding, kneeboarding, surfing etc.) you still do the same streamlined kick with shinfin™ leg fins. I recommend using them for freestyle, in calm water first, to become comfortable with the streamlined kick from your hips and only a little knee-bend. Then transfer this streamlined kick to snorkeling or paddling your board. Lie horizontal on your board and kick and paddle together – like doing freestyle lying on your board.

They offer you a comfortable, light-weight alternative to the many problems of foot flippers. I have not designed them for a foot flipper kick. If you force them into a foot flipper kick, they will feel floppy and inefficient. Foot flippers require a different kick with more knee-bend, using different muscles. That’s why foot flippers strain your feet, ankles, Achilles tendons and calf muscles. To help evolve from your old foot flipper kick, wear your shinfin™ leg flippers and swim arms-only freestyle or backstroke. Let them lift your legs into a horizontal streamlined position with your knees fairly straight. Then add your kick gradually and let the fins flow naturally. They will guide you into a good streamlined kick and you will feel the power from your upper legs, buttocks, stomach and torso. This usually happens almost immediately. If a streamlined kick is new to you, it may take a while to build your strength for it. The benefits of shinfin™ leg fins will transfer to improve your swimming without fins too.